All storytelling of the gem creation was begun by every bit of matter from the Big-Bang to the earth formation, then emerged beneath the earth’s surface until turning out to be a dazzling gemstone as a gift of origination. 

Every stone has been spontaneously tagged with the Miracle Mark (technically, inclusion or internal feature); a unique characteristic found only one in each stone. GEM RARITY utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art instrumentation to recognize aesthetic fingerprinting for accurately, consistently, and reliably gemological identification and determination.

Every stone of GEM RARITY receives a trackable set of serial numbers invisibly imprinted by our proprietary inscription technology, only special viewers and frontline laboratories can recognize the marks and prove the authenticity of the GEM RARITY at any later stage throughout your possession.

These rainbow interference colors can be seen along a partially healed fracture in a ruby from Thailand (also be called Siamese ruby).


An insight into where it begins

It is the destiny of inclusions to stamp their host gemstones with an impressive internal hallmark and individual characteristic, but concurrently to their identification, and stand witness to the genetical origin of their rarity.


Father is always protecting his daughter

Delicate platelets of various shapes are occasionally found in Mozambican rubies. The father silk as the arrow shape always stayed with his tiny daughter crystals attached at one extremity.


Regardless of the different inclusions they carry, the uniqueness is seen in every gemstone. As these rosette-like inclusion surrounding diaspore is the original appearance that signifies the gemstone has not subjected to treatments.


A great number of unanswered questions still remain, phenomenology of the beautiful rarity awaits discovery. GEM RARITY is proud of being a first precursor to unearth the miracle mark, a mother nature's way of marvelously capturing the memory of the gemstone's unique growth.

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